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Welcome to Joyful Geometry!

Life is too short for khaki, black, and grey.

Have you ever had a favorite shirt, or scarf that brightens up your day whenever you wear it? You know what I’m talking about… an object you can only describe as good mood in physical form. Like a mug that gives extra flavor to your morning brew. Or a pillow to squeeze your troubles away. Stuff like that.

Joyful Geometry wants to offer you these things: unique, thoughtful designs to brighten up your life and the world around you. We aim to build a more colorful world – one t-shirt, coffee mug, and pillow at a time.

“It’s not about what your art looks like. It’s what it says.” - James Vitore

Joyful Geometry is pop and modern art in fashion and home-design form. It’s in-your-face elation right on your back. It’s your “be bold, you can do it” shirt when you’re ready to take on the world. It’s your “oh, let me give you your coffee in something special” mug. It’s your “don’t worry, be happy” pillow.

Who Makes This Stuff?

Hey guys! My name is Skye and I’m the color and whimsy behind Joyful Geometry. I love, love, love how magical color can be, how it can turn even the most drab and boring things into sources of energy, smiles and creative power. It’s this love of color and art that inspires me to come up with new and unique designs every day. I am committed to offering you products that make you happy on the spot. If you feel good when you wear my designs, then I’ve done my job well. Be bold! Choose something colorful today.

Joy, whimsy, and color for everyone, in every aspect of life.

Joyful Geometry is inclusive and conscientious. Graphic tees and bold colors aren’t just for young, white, millennials. People from all walks of life can and should “wear the whimsy”. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love designing and making them available to you!
Joyful Geometry's Mission

Joyful Geometry's mission is to make your life joyful by offering bright, colorful, joyous designs on everyday objects like scarves, mugs, pillows, & more! A touch of modern whimsy can liven up any living space or hum drum office area. 

Who's behind all this whimsey? 

All the designs you see on Joyful Geometry come from the hand of artist Skye Lucking - that's me!

The same objects, shapes, and people appear and reappear in our lives – in the chaos of nature and exact structures of man. They are constant, but forever formulated in a different composition so as to remain fresh in our perspective.

This is the approach to my artwork. I use many of the same themes, objects, and shapes. Yet, I revel in their infinite and sundry arrangements – just as with all things in life.

I work with compasses and straight-edge rulers to achieve perfect lines and circles, then mix in pattern and free-hand drawing to give dimension to the work. Using oils, acrylics, ink, and graphite I try to impart a whimsical spirit into my paintings with subtle allusions to shapes animal, botanical, architectural, human, and machine all in perky and joyful colors. The central goal of my work is to illicit an energized calm, a joyful and whimsical giddiness at the vividness and movement of the work.




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