Full Time Sunshine - Long Scarf
Full Time Sunshine - Long Scarf
Full Time Sunshine - Long Scarf
Joyful Geometry

Full Time Sunshine - Long Scarf

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Artwork printed on fabric and finished into a lovely long scarf. Choose from our different fabrics; poly chiffon, satin charmeuse and matte crepe. Machined baby rolled edge hem finish.

  • Delicate Fabrics

    Choose from polychiffon, satin charmeuse, or matte crepe depending on your desired print results. Read up about the differences to help you decide.

  • The Print is Visible on Both Sides

    Our specially developed print process means you'll see your print through to the other side of the scarf. Depending on which fabric you choose, the print will be about 50-70% visible on the backside.

  • Baby Rolled Machine Finished Hem

    Like all of our products, each scarf is printed, hand-cut and sewn by skilled trades people using top of the line finishing machines.

  • Vibrant Sublimation print

    Our sublimation dyes are water-based and print a huge spectrum of lively wash-fast colors. We work with one of the highest gamut inks available to give you the widest range of achievable print colors.



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